Teeny Tots Day Nursery


Statement of Purpose


  • To create a stimulating, caring and safe environment for ALL children in our care.
  • To actively promote the development of positive self image within the children.
  • To work as partners with parents/carers in an open and honest way.
  • To have an involvement in the community.
  • To create a non-sexist atmosphere by introducing appropriate toys, books and games to encourage equal development of both sexes.
  • To eliminate racism throughout its whole structure by welcoming ethnic minority contributions to the policies and practice of the nursery providing positive images of different ethnic minorities and cultures, e.g, posters, toys, food, clothing, festivals.
  • By implementing quarterly development forms and making them available to parents to ensure they are fully aware of how their child is progressing and a chance for parents to discuss any worries or queries.
  • To encourage the parents/carers to visit the Nursery at any time.
  • To provide an atmosphere which makes the child and the parent/carer happy and comfortable within the nursery.
  • To recognise that the child's needs and safety are paramount and must override all other considerations.
  • To take account of the children's needs arising from race, culture, language and religion.
  • To create a fun and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive and develop in all key areas.
  • To support staff on training courses enabling them to develop skills and confidence through sharing full responsibility for their group.
  • To provide nourishing, wholesome food and treat mealtimes as an importanmt social occassion in the nursery day to develop good eating habits.