Teeny Tots Day Nursery

Toddler Room

The toddler unit is designed for two-four year old's and is the final stage at nursery. This room is designed to be colourful and bright and to aid stimulation and provide a fantastic day at nursery! We display all the children's art work on the walls to encourage confidence and so as parents are able to see what their children have achieved. The toddler unit is very busy, with lots of activities being carried out throughout the day such as messy play, role play, outdoor play and structured table top activities. The toddler room is a very large spacious room and divided to provide separate spaces for the 2 year old's and pre- school children (3+). Outdoor play is very important and the children have free access to outdoor play all day in warmer weather including plenty of walks to the park. All of the children in this room eat together in a separate dining room which doubles up for art/messy play and a big space for tents and soft play.


In Our toddler unit we have a team of six permanent staff who all work hard as a team to provide a fun, interesting and busy environment for children to thrive in as well as giving the children a home from home experience at Teeny Tots.

We operate a maximum of 4:1 ratio for two year old's and 8:1 for the 3-4 years old's. Each child is allocated a key worker who's responsibility it is to give feedback to you on your child's day such as meals, sleep etc. The children are all assigned to key workers by age (2-3, and 3+) so as the activities carried out are age appropriate. Your child's key worker also keeps a file of art work and writes quarterly reports on your child's progress at nursery. This is a nice keep sake to take with you when your child leaves for 'big school'!

What Teeny Tots Provides

As well as striving to give your child the most excellent childcare possible we also provide nutritious meals and snacks, milk and fresh drinking water with and between meals and clean bed linen and blankets when your child needs to sleep. 

What you need to bring

You need to provide nappies and wipes and at least one spare change of clothes each day. Please also bring coats, hats, gloves and sunscreen.

Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes so that they can take part in various activities with out the worry of wear and tear.